Package Rates

Packages Rate in US $
1 LB $4.50
2 LB $7.50
3 LB $10.50
4 LB $13.50
5 LB $16.50
6 LB $19.50
7 LB $22.50
8 LB $25.50
9 LB $28.50
10 LB $31.50
11-20 LB Each LB Add $2.50
21-150 LB Each LB Add $2.25

Using Our Credit Card

Service charge to use Credit Card
Pay by Cash 5%
Pay by Debit Card 5%
Pay by Credit Card 10%

Special deal for Business Clients that are importing items

Our business clients benefit from as low as US$2.25per pound for items weighing 21-150lbs air freight from the US through Union One Express to Jamaica and all our client items are insured while in our possession

  • Package exceeding 50lbs or the dimensions exceed 60 inches, a USD $12 oversize fee will be charged.
  • The dimensional weight will be used to ascertain the package charge if it exceeds the actual weight of the package.
  • Dimensional weight is calculated: L*W*H/166