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Who We Are

Farinthings Xpress is a Jamaican based package forwarding service that provides solutions for online shoppers whether business or individuals. Additionally, persons who have family and friends overseas are also able to utilise our service to receive their packages in Jamaica.

  • Fast & Trackable Service by Farinthings Xpress.
  • We Have Dedicated Drivers For You.
  • We Provide 24Hr Support.

Our Services


Farinthings Assist

Don’t own a credit card or only have access to your local debit card? We can assist you with purchases from stores…
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Fast Custom Clearance

Farinthings Xpress takes the hassle of customs clearance out of your hands, so all you do is shop and we’ll take care of…
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Low Rates

Our rates are based on two factors the weight and cost of the contents in a package. At present we are not…
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Deliveries to Office or Home

You can contact us at least four (4) hours in advance to schedule a delivery to any location of your choice…
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Once we receive your package, you can begin tracking the progress of your package through our system. You will know…
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Landed Price

Items in our shop are available at the landed price, meaning all charged are added, customs estimation and shipping.
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If you have a question or suggestion please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us!

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is there a membership or sign up fee?

    Here is another fantastic reason for becoming a Farinthings Xpress customer, there is no sign up or annual membership fee.

    What are your rates?

    Our rates are based on two factors the weight and cost of the contents in a package. At present we are not charging on dimensional or volumetric weight. For additional information please view our rate sheet by clicking the rates tab on our website.

    How long does it take?

    Packages usually take less than a week to get to Jamaica, once it is received by our personnel at our facility in Miramar. To avoid delays ensure the packages are addressed properly.

    What are the restricted items?

    Toy guns, pepper spray, any form of weapons including swords, guns, ammunition, radar detectors, unprocessed meat, live animals, firecrackers, explosives, lighters and matches, camouflage, cash etc.

    When do customs fees apply?

    Presently customs fees are only charged on a package that has contents valuing greater than USD$50.00. We encourage customers to do their research as it relates to customs fees and make comparisons on the feasibility of ordering online versus buying items locally. Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding duty rates.

    How often do you have flights arriving in Kingston?

    At present we have shipments twice per week Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.NB. Packages arriving on Thursday evening’s flight are only accessible to be cleared through Jamaica Customs on a Friday morning.

    How do I schedule a delivery?

    You can contact us at least four (4) hours in advance to schedule a delivery, your first three (3) deliveries in the corporate are free, after that the charge will be $350 per delivery.

    Permit Required

    Supplements, pesticides, sexual enhancers, certain plants and seeds, animal products, honey, gun holsters, bow and arrow etc. Please contact us for information before shipping these items.